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How To Choose Your Mask

Here are 7 ways to choose a face mask according to the type of skin that you must know so that you  don't choose the wrong one.


1. Dry Skin

For those of you who have dry skin, you should choose a face mask that can moisturize. A mask that is suitable for dry skin is usually in the form of maskerhydrogel, cream, or oil-based mask that has a lot of moisturizing content. This mask can make facial skin well hydrated and become supple when touched. Especially for oil-based masks there is usually a content of olive oil, sweet almond oil, and vitamin E.


2. Sensitive Skin

The owner of sensitive skin must be more selective in determining the right mask. Because if you choose the wrong one it will make the skin red and itchy. It can even trigger acne on the face. For that, you should choose a mask that contains various minerals to soothe the skin and avoid inflammation, of course, a mask that does not trigger an allergic reaction on your skin


3. Combination skin

If your facial skin is a type of combination, multimasking is recommended, which is to use a face mask according to skin problems. For example using a face mask made from clay that can absorb excess oil in the T area and hydrating mask with honey in the area of ​​dry skin.


4. Oily and Acne Skin

Especially for those of you who have oily and acne prone skin it is recommended to use a face mask for oily skin made from clay. This is because clay can shrink pores and reduce excess oil on the face so that the face is protected from the emergence of new pimples due to excessive oil production.


5. Stained Skin

Facial masks with exfoliate content work like facial cleansers. The benefits that can be felt are helping to remove dead skin cells. How to use this mask that is by gently massaging the face that has been smeared with a scrub mask for several minutes, let stand for the specified time, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. In addition, look for facial masks that contain Vitamin C, ginseng, or rice to brighten black spots and help regulate facial skin pigmentation to make skin color more even.


6. Skin that is aging

Women who are already 40 years old, will definitely experience skin problems such as decreased skin elasticity, the appearance of fine lines, and other problems. Therefore, you are advised to choose a face mask that can tighten the skin of the face. Choose a peel-off mask and nourishing mask. Both of these products can tighten the skin and provide optimal moisture to make the face fresher after wearing a mask.


7. Dull skin

You who have dull skin should use a mask that contains exfoliator in the form of scrubs or fine grains that help remove dead skin cells. This content is able to lift dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of new skin cells.

By choosing a face mask according to your skin type, you can have healthy skin. It is also important to read the instructions on the product label before using a mask. Also make sure when applying or using the product, your hands are clean.



How To Choose Your Mask

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